Friday, December 14, 2018

Grade 7 Project

The 7th Grade today took their Christmas challenge to another level.  They were challenged to create a Christmas tree from objects in the lab that could one ornament.  However instead of a number of Charlie Brown trees that could only support one ornament, the class decided to all work together to create a tree they really were proud of.  The tree is now in their homeroom where they will use it as a focal point for their class gift exchange.

Ella creating the tree stand.

Jabar, Carolyn and Ava gluing decorations on the tree skirt.

John and Lucas wiring lights. 

Taylor, Kirstin and Lily creating the tree.
Will glittered the writing on the tree skirt.
The finished project:

It would not be a STEAM Lab tree without a monkey on it!

And speaking of the talents of the 7th Graders, here is a video they created to remind students about the donation drive to help the Providence Center.

Friday, November 30, 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Even the Lab is getting into the holiday spirit.  
Students in various grades have been challenged to create holiday decorations
from materials in the Lab.

Zometool present created by Grade 6

Candy cane and Christmas tree forest created by Grade 2

Wreath created by Grade 6

Friday, November 2, 2018

It works!

It is the moment that the students of the Lower School and Early Childhood have been waiting for - the Big Ball Tower is finished and it works!  Congratulations to Karl and Aidan!  All of your perseverance, problem solving and hard work has payed off. 

Parents' Turn in the Innovation Lab

This week at the Mission Party, parents got their turn to try some of the challenges the students have been working on this year.

There was the Sphero Hay Maze, the Makey-Makey Skeleton Operation Game and more.

If you did not have time to stop by the Lab during the Mission Party but are interested in what your child(ren) are doing in STEAM, please sign up for a conference on November 15 or 16. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Sphero Hay Maze

This time of year many people visits farms and try to find their way out of hay and corn mazes.  So this week the Early Childhood and Lower School classes have had the opportunity to try to get Sphero out of a K'nex hay maze.

The hay maze will be one of many activities available for parents to try in the STEAM Lab during the Mission Party next week.  Come see if you are able to get out.

Friday, October 19, 2018


Why are there so many monkeys in the Innovation Lab?

Students in all grades are fascinated by the stuffed monkeys in the Lab.  However, the monkeys have a real purpose in the Lab.  They are to remind the students that they are in charge of their learning path in the lab.  In the Lab it is not "monkey see, monkey do".  We want the students to individualize their projects to their own interests and skills.  They are to challenge themselves to be creative and problem solvers.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Grade Four Web Sites

ePortfolio Website Design

In Grade 4 students start working with partners on individual projects using the Creative Learning Systems Launchers.  To document their work they each created their own website using Google Sites.
On these ePortfolios the students will post their journals and presentations about their work on their projects.  Each year in Middle School they will add an additional page to continue to document their projects. 

For privacy these sites are only accessible to those with a Holy Child Academy email address. 

When students are in Grade 8 they are given the option to change the publish setting to allow others (including admission counselors at high schools) to view their sites.  You are welcome to ask your child to log on and show you their site.