Friday, September 13, 2019

Off to a Great Start

The New Year

Every class from Grade 8 to Nursery 2 have been to the Innovation Lab for their first STEAM class where they were reminded of the goals for their work in the Lab.  

Early Childhood and Lower School students worked on challenges 
designed to work on collaboration skills.

Middle School students were challenged to create a comic strip using Comic Life with a partner.  
The comics depicted what they can do to make their world better using their talents and strengths.

Working so hard that an ice pack was needed!

Spending a little extra time to work on a puzzle.

The beginning of this year marked the launch of the HCA Morning Broadcast, a filmed newscast including the daily prayers, announcements, reports and special features, created by the Eighth Grade and played each morning in each classroom.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Spring Inspiration

Spring Inspiration
Grade 2

The Second Grade will be focusing on circuitry and robotics for the remainder of the year in the  STEAM Lab.  To begin their project they created Lego models of animals that we saw on a walk around the school.  In the upcoming classes students will create Lego robots and Snap Circuit circuits to demonstrate how animals move and communicate.

Friday, March 22, 2019

PreK Claymation

The PreK have been thinking spring! For the last few weeks the students have been working on making claymation movies about flowers.  They made clay models of the parts of a flower.  They then laid them on paper one piece at a time in the order that they grow -

first, the seed

then, the roots

next, the stem

and finally, the flower.

They were very excited to use the camera to take pictures of each step.

Today, we uploaded the pictures to a stop animation computer program called Frames.  As groups they selected a background and added the background using ChromaKey.  Then the groups decided on the story of their flower and added additional clipart, their own picture and sound. 

Hope these movies brighten your spring break.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Sea Turtle Plastic Bag Challenge

After learning that many sea turtle die from mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish, the Third Grade created a Sea Turtle Plastic Bag Challenge. The class created a record sheet and will use the data collected for a Scientific Data and Analysis Launcher activity in the STEAM Lab.   

If you would like to join the challenge the record sheet is below or email Mrs. Zwilling for a digital copy.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Fishy Business in the Lab

This month the Lower School began their Ocean Unit.   This topic has been incorporated into their challenges in the Lab.

1st Grade created realistic ocean habitat pictures using Pixie, a computer graphics program.

2nd Grade watched a video on all the different ways ocean animals move and then were challenged to create a digital flipbook with Animation-ish of an ocean animal moving in the water.  Many of the students even included moving background in their colorful animations.

3rd Grade have been studying sea turtles so they were challenged to create turtle shells from Zometools. 

4th Grade watched a video on the Ocean Clean-Up Project of the Great Pacific garbage patch originally conceived eight years ago by a 16-year-old.  The project was implemented last year but recently encountered a engineering snag when a piece of the device detached.  The students took inspiration from this project to create their own design using Sketch-Up, a 3D modelling program.  Like the engineers on the Ocean Clean-Up Project, the students created an original design, evaluated it, and then improved it the second session.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Grade 7 Project

The 7th Grade today took their Christmas challenge to another level.  They were challenged to create a Christmas tree from objects in the lab that could one ornament.  However instead of a number of Charlie Brown trees that could only support one ornament, the class decided to all work together to create a tree they really were proud of.  The tree is now in their homeroom where they will use it as a focal point for their class gift exchange.

Ella creating the tree stand.

Jabar, Carolyn and Ava gluing decorations on the tree skirt.

John and Lucas wiring lights. 

Taylor, Kirstin and Lily creating the tree.
Will glittered the writing on the tree skirt.
The finished project:

It would not be a STEAM Lab tree without a monkey on it!

And speaking of the talents of the 7th Graders, here is a video they created to remind students about the donation drive to help the Providence Center.

Friday, November 30, 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Even the Lab is getting into the holiday spirit.  
Students in various grades have been challenged to create holiday decorations
from materials in the Lab.

Zometool present created by Grade 6

Candy cane and Christmas tree forest created by Grade 2

Wreath created by Grade 6